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 January 6, 2021

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

$2.99 Boxed Set Sale

USA Today Best-Selling Book THE McCABE BROTHERS: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION is now on sale for $2.99!  Join the five McCabe siblings on their journeys to the dark and dangerous side of love in this intense, exhilarating collection of romantic thrillers.

“Outrageously gripping reading…I have read this series twice and gleaned a great appreciation for this author’s writing ability for entertaining her readers. Never a dull moment and never leaving you unsatisfied.” ★★★★★ Leah’s Insights, Kindle Customer

The McCabe Brothers: The Complete Collection
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Recently Released

Don’t miss my newest series featuring Billy-Jo McCabe!  Book 1, NOTHING AS IT SEEMS, is now available everywhere.

“This is a new series by Lorhainne Eckhart. It combines two families that we know and love to read about, the McCabe family and the Friessen family. Like many of Lorhainne’s other stories, this one grabs on to the reader and takes us for a ride full of excitement. I was drawn in from the first chapter and could not put it down!”
★★★★★ Kindle Customer

Nothing As It Seems
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