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Over the holidays, I had a chance to visit with family, and one of the things that came up was the topic of family and generations, the changes in the world, and some hidden family secrets. You know the ones. They exist in every family, the kind of secret that would have been unforgiveable in the decade when it happened, but today, no one would give it a second thought, because we’ve evolved and changed and righted so many of the wrongs that have existed since the beginning of time. How we’ve evolved from casting judgement on everyone!
What brought up this discussion was reminiscing about my grandfather, who is now deceased and has been for decades. He was in the Second World War, and like many men, he was taken from his family and went overseas and stayed there for years. He was stationed in London. But what happened when the war was over? Unlike many men who lived and came home, he didn’t. He stayed in London for another year before he returned to his small prairie town.
It was from a letter addressed to him that my grandmother learned the truth of what had happened. He had another family. He had a son, a little boy whom he’d left over in London. But why? No one knows. We know only that the letters came, and my grandmother read them, and that knowledge causes the kind of hurt that doesn’t go away. Can you imagine being married to someone only to find out that he had a child with someone else while you were married, then hid it from you? The betrayal, the hurt… My grandmother did what many women did then: She stayed in the marriage. Because that wasn’t a time when you could just walk away, get a divorce, get a job, buy a house, and be self-sufficient, not forced to depend on someone.
Nope. I had to sit my daughter down and explain to her that although so many things have changed, it was not that long ago that women couldn’t just go and get a job, because a man always took precedence. They made more money and were given the crème de la crème of jobs. They were always given priority. It wasn’t even until 1922 in Canada, 1920 in the USA, that women were allowed to vote. And how about buying a house? When I think of the ’70s, when I was growing up, I think of it as a modern time, but did you know that a woman still had to have a man’s permission to buy a house?
Until then, banks had required all women—single, widowed, or, if you dared, divorced—to bring a man to cosign any credit application, regardless of their income. I remember hearing of someone, a grown woman with kids, who had to take her father to the bank. She had to have her father’s permission and co-signature to buy a house! In Ireland, it wasn’t until 1976 that a woman could own a home outright. In the USA, it was in 1981 that the last vestiges of a husband being able to keep his wife in the dark legally vanished, as before then, a husband was allowed to take out a second mortgage on the house and lose everything without even telling his wife.
Then there are my other grandparents on the other side of the family. My grandfather’s father passed away in the First World War, and his mother remarried. Yes, there had been a farm, but guess what? All the property automatically went to her new husband. He got everything when he married her. My grandmother had dreamed of being a teacher, but she had been held back by the segregation of boys and girls in school. She even shared a story about recess, when the boys were allowed to play but the girls were not. She was forced to quit school by her mother and get a job to help support the family, because they didn’t have enough. Until she died, that was her one regret, which she carried with her. Becoming a teacher was the one thing she’d dreamed of, yet she never did it. In the 1950s, her husband, my grandfather, bought a farm, and she demanded that her name go on the title as well. Apparently, he was shocked, but he did it—although, in that time, all property was in the husband’s name, and legally, she wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on anyways. The law wasn’t on her side.
Today, here we are. Yet, even as recently as 2014, in the USA, more than two thirds of minimum-wage workers were women. And then there is the big one, the thing women have been shamed for since the beginning of time: illegitimacy, having a baby out of wedlock. Thankfully, we are not there anymore in modern developed countries. We’ve come a long way. But if we think of war babies, those born from 1939 to 1945, we realize many still have no idea who their fathers are, because after those men left, their names and identities died with their children’s mothers.
Some have been able to track down their fathers and meet their siblings and extended family. For some, it’s an awkward meeting. Illegitimacy was once a shameful secret, but thankfully, times have changed. We put one foot in front of the other, and we must remember that the easy way is just that. As tough as change is, no change has happened without decades of long struggle that have been far from easy. To make real, lasting change is work. It’s not about sitting back and saying, Let someone else do it. Keep your head down. Don’t stir things up. There’s a time and a place…
You know what? Change for the better is absolutely worth it.


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