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 January 23, 2023

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

Does anyone know if the government can just take your money from your back account?

This is called bail-in law. And I believe it was two years ago that my son first brought this up to me, after he’d done his own research. At the time I believed there is absolutely no way that can happen.

He pointed out to me that this is already a law in Greece, and other countries are following. Now this again was two years ago, and from what I understand both the US and Canada as well now have a sneaky law on the books that allows Banks to seize your money from your accounts. At the time, I knew very little about the massive legislation that can happen with the flick of a pen behind the scenes when I’m busy raising my kids, writing and making a living so I can make enough money to keep roof over our heads! But the last three years has taught me one thing that it is time to start paying attention to what all the corrupt politicians and bankers are doing behind the scenes, and do my own research. No, I do not trust mainstream media, as I believe they are nothing but actors who are really good at hiding the truth and keeping us distracted with “hey look over here” when we should be looking the other way. I’m sure you’ve heard the label “fake news,” to describe mainstream media, remember the 600 million dollar bailout given to Canada’s mainstream media in November 2018, which basically turned them into the government lapdog? No, I don’t either, considering that money comes from you and me. And then in the US take a look at who all the sponsors are for all the big fake news stations? Big Pharma by any chance? But I digress, I wasn’t going down that rabbit hole considering that in September 2020 only 9% in the US trusted the mass media. Let that sink in. I expect the number is much lower now. But back to bail-in, which is a very real thing and after I looked into what my son had said, I discovered how right he was:

With a bank bail-in, the bank uses the money of its unsecured creditors, including depositors and bondholders, to restructure their capital so it can stay afloat. … A bank can undergo a bail-in quickly through a resolution proceeding, which provides immediate relief to the bank. Do you believe that you would be notified if the bank was going to take some or all of your money from your bank account? Well here is a video from January 18 and some people who went to the bank only to discover their money was missing: https://twitter.com/WallStreetSilv/status/1615836985846898720?s=20&t=a4d1gEb5_h5Y2vlGOg5bJg

In other words, bail-ins will not add to the government’s deficit. It will simply allow banks and financial institutions at risk of failing to take some of your deposits to bail themselves out. … If they become insolvent and a disaster strikes, it would trigger orderly liquidation authority – essentially a bail-in.

And here is another fact: Governments have a history of needing more than their citizens’ tax money to pay their bills, and if the situation is bad enough, they don’t shy away from targeting your personal assets. Do your homework, and one of my go to people that I follow about the financial system and what’s really going on is Catherine Austin Fitts: https://home.solari.com. This is her website, she has tons of free videos, and from her is where I learned about the missing money, the CBDC’s, Constitution and US Financial

Management Laws, and the state of our currencies. Education is how you protect you and your family.

Just remember that history teaches us that unprecedented causes lead to unprecedented consequences.

Speaking of history, who should be your go-to, your parents, your grandparents? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But remember the depression and the gold confiscation that happened under penalty of imprisonment and heavy fines. I believe they were paid $26.67 per ounce of gold that was confiscated. Then, after all the gold was collected, the price was immediately increased to $35, dropping the purchasing power of all Americans’ cash holdings by nearly 40% literally overnight. Then gold was illegal to own or possess until the early 1970s. Only this part again where even my mother believed everyone obeyed their government and turned their gold over, but, my son has been speaking to a few awake people who brought up this gold confiscation who also informed my son that the number of people who actually turned over their gold was far less than the ones who refused. (Kind of an interesting on the ground fact of people who won’t allow anyone to steal from them.)

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