Have you ever wondered what beliefs successful people have? – Lorhainne Eckhart

Have you ever wondered what beliefs successful people have?

Have you ever wondered what beliefs successful people have?
Some people have an abundant mindset and have abundance in every area of their lives, and you may wonder what they have that others don’t. Well, what they have is this great belief that they deserve it, that they’re worth it. They look at who will benefit from them having it all. What you don’t hear is “Oh my God, I’m so exhausted. I worked all week, and now I need to hit the bar Friday night to drown out the crappy week I’ve had and then sleep all weekend. I hate this job. It’s killing me, and my boss is a jerk and steals all my ideas.”
Instead, their lives are filled with fun and joy, they work hard and play hard, and they know they’ve created something great. Their success is part of who they are, and they’ve earned their wealth. They share it and give back. They all have the same thought, “I have something so unique and valuable to offer the world,” and you know what? They are very well rewarded for it. They believe in what they do and know how amazing it is.
What they don’t do is allow fear to creep in. You know those doubts: “What if no one likes it?” “What if no one likes me?” “What if everyone laughs at me?” “What if I fail?” “What if…?” You get the point, and you can fill in the blanks. The doubt that you’re not good enough or you might be rejected is not part of who successful people are. No, successful people believe that people will want what they have to offer, what they’ve created, and that confidence gets them through the door.
The second belief they have is that what they create is worth a lot of money. I mean, think of it. Who should be working for free or giving things away for free? Everyone has value. Successful people ask a high price for the products they’ve created. They don’t say, “Wow, I can’t believe I made all this money! I guess I’m just lucky,” or “This can’t be real. I must be living a dream, so I could crash and burn at any time.” No, they acknowledge that they spent ages writing that book or creating that product or masterminding that idea, and they’ve made something that everyone wants, something unique. When they get that money, they also remind themselves they earned it. The final belief is that they can share their success. They ask themselves, “Who can benefit from my success?” And the answer is that everyone can, because success is a win–win.
Look at your life. Success starts with the belief that you have something to offer. When you have something to offer, you need to believe that thing is worth money, and you need to recognize and believe that you’ve earned that money. Look at me, at the hours I put into writing and marketing, at all the professionals I’ve hired to get the finished product to market. I’ve earned every dollar. I don’t diminish my success, and neither do other successful people. They share their good fortune—maybe not with the charity or cause that you want them to, but then, the cause you believe in may not be someone else’s, either.
Remember, there is enough money, success, and praise for everyone. I’ve lost count of the number of times over many, many years that I’ve heard people say that rich people are greedy, that they don’t share, that they don’t pass their success around, but that’s a poverty mindset and a victim mentality. The truth is that I don’t know one wealthy person who doesn’t give back to a community or cause in some way.
Show people how brilliant you are, and show them they can be brilliant, too. Sharing success brings you health, wealth, love, happiness, and more. And remember, there is more than enough for everyone.
So look at your limiting beliefs, at what you believe isn’t available to you, and stop looking at others and making excuses. Stop saying you can’t have health because your entire family is plagued with one health problem after another, with a heart condition or with depression, etc. Stop saying you can’t have wealth because you don’t come from a wealthy background, or your business partner stole all your money. Stop saying you can’t have love because you live in an area where there are no decent single men or women, or you were cheated on. You keep saying so, so why would you be any different?
Remember, it’s not about effort. It’s about belief.


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