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Two-Day Friessens Deals

Can't get enough of The Friessens?  Check out FIRST LOVE for 99cents or try the three-book boxed set for just $2.99 through tomorrow only!  

Everyone said they were too young to love.  

Katy and Steven have planned out their happily ever after: marriage, family, and a place of their own. A simple life in a small town with big dreams, just like Katy’s parents, Brad and Emily.  However, life’s hardships soon threaten the future Steven and Katy have planned together.

FIRST LOVE (The Friessens, Book 6) is now on sale at Amazon, Nook, iBooks, Kobo and Google Play.

Also available in audiobook at Audible US, Audible UK, Audible France and Audible Germany (regular pricing applies).  Listen to a sample here

Or follow Katy and Steven's saga in THE FRIESSENS: BOOKS 6-8 BOXED SET, on sale for only $2.99!  This special set includes First Love, Family First and Leave the Light On.  

Grab this specially-priced collection on sale through tomorrow at Amazon, Nook, iBooks, Kobo and Google Play.

*Please always be sure to check prices before downloading as some retailers may be delayed in reflecting the sale price.

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