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Are you doing what you love?

 March 11, 2019

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

Please note that below is a reprint of last week's blog in its entirety as the link contained in the original newsletter mistakenly redirected to incorrect text.  My apologies, and I hope you enjoy the full-length version! 🙂


How many blog posts have I written about the importance of doing what you love? You may agree, or maybe you’re still seeing your life and what you do as just a paycheck. Here is a story someone shared with me not long ago, and I thought it really hit home.
Imagine your job. Think about it right now. Now let’s pretend your boss calls you into his or her office and delivers a good news/bad news talk. You know, the kind where people start out by asking which you want to hear first, and you immediately get worried and stressed and anxious? Are you there? Now imagine you’ve said, “Give me the good news first, please.”
Your boss says, “The company is in trouble financially, and we’re letting go half the employees, but the good news is you’re not one of them.” You may have a second of relief, but then your boss goes on to say, “Here’s the bad news: Because the company is in such dire financial straits, we’re cutting your salary in half.”
Now that anxiety, panic, worry, and stress is back, and you may be thinking, how are you going to afford to put a roof over your family’s heads? Is your first reaction to promise yourself, I’m out of here. The first chance I get, I’ll find another job that will pay me the salary I need and want. They aren’t paying me what I’m worth, so I’m certainly not going to do anything to help the company, because I’m tired of not being appreciated? Or do you tell yourself, That’s too bad. What do I need to do to cut my expenses in half and help turn the company around so I can be back to where I was and even better?
You may be laughing and wondering why you would do anything for a company to help them out in any way after they’ve cut your salary. Maybe they’ll pocket the profits before giving an extra dime to you, and they’ll never restore your salary to what it was or more. If you’re thinking that they’re takers, and they’re taking from you, and it isn’t fair or right, and the only thing holding you to your job is your paycheck, this means you’re not doing what you love, and you’re lining up for a life of being dealt hard blows and just scraping by.
Nobody out there really wants this. If you’re in a situation where your first thought is that you won’t be taken advantage of and your boss and company are out for their own gain, then really, you need to ask yourself why you’re still there, because that is not doing what you love. Yes, there are takers, and we’ve all been in situations like that, but isn’t it time to be with the kind of people who aren’t that?
I mean, if you think about it, take the last scenario. What if you’re the person who’s thinking, Okay, what do I need to do to help turn this situation around? Then you will always flourish and come out on top. It really depends on your attitude and does come down to doing what you love, because then you bring everything to the table. You come in with your A game. It’s you who benefits.
Isn’t it time to do what you love so that you can give it your all? It’s about you, not about others. When you’re doing a job you love, it shows in your attitude, in what you give, and you will be rewarded.
Ask yourself, who benefits from what you do? For me, the beneficiaries of me doing what I love, writing books, are all of you.


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