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How big are the demands to acquire more and more in your life?

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How big are the demands to acquire more and more in your life?
I read an article some time back about would-be titans of the business world. It argued that when these people saw a substantial salary increase—a big increase—they actually felt an increased sense of lack and pressure, and their financial insecurity deepened significantly.
Huh? This didn’t make sense to me. I had thought it would be the opposite: If your salary suddenly increased significantly, you wouldn’t have to struggle as much, and you would suddenly have more and feel less pressure. After I read more about the reasoning behind this concept, however, it started to make sense, and I got it.
When these people suddenly receive a huge salary bump, they’re driven by a desperate, unshakeable desire to advance. They measure their new status against people who are already living in that financial bracket, and they feel a need to be like them, to keep up with the Joneses. They feel the need to buy a nicer house, to own better toys, to take more extravagant holidays, to have the same dinners out that the Joneses are having.
When they were making their previous salary, they took their living for granted—you know, the big house, the nice car, the vacations they took with their kids? When they experienced a substantial increase in salary, they started keeping company with the kind of people who already had way more, and they suddenly felt poor. They suddenly felt tremendous pressure to keep up with their new peers, and they experienced enormous financial stress, sleepless nights, questions of “How are we going to pay for all this?”
To some extent, this is the story for all of us. We spend all this time accumulating toys, accumulating more, spending our emotional and physical energy and our time to accomplish more and gather more, to have more and more and more. But all of this stuff, the toys, the more and more, is not a true source of happiness. If you look back now on everything you’ve accomplished, everything you have now, what advice would you pass on to your younger self?


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