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 June 8, 2021

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

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An Amazon #1 Category Bestseller

“One of my favorite things about this talented author is that the stories are very real and thought provoking. This one proves my point.” ★★★★★ Yvonne C., Amazon Reviewer

Nothing As It Seems

Nothing As It Seems

When an at-risk girl disappears from an island wilderness camp, social worker Billy  Jo must team up with a detective who’s her polar opposite to bring her safely home. But one missing girl is just the beginning…

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“This book had great insight into the mind of college aged kids and was so true to life. Very enjoyable and a great addition to a series I can’t get enough of.” ★★★★★ PaPackrat, Kindle Customer

Stay Away From My Daughter

Stay Away From My Daughter

When Sara Friessen is brutally attacked one night in a darkened parking lot she is saved by a mysterious handsome stranger who comes to her rescue. Only Devon Reed would never consider himself the kind of guy that could ever belong to her world, considering the ruthless dark world he belongs to and the fact he may no more about the night she was attacked, and who really tried to hurt her.

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$2.99 Box Sale

“This collection is filled with delightfully charming and meaningful stories…endearing and extremely enjoyable…” ★★★★★ Catlou, Amazon Reviewer

The Friessens Books 19 – 21

The Friessens Books 19 – 21

This boxed set includes Books 19 - 21 in the Friessen Legacy Series

I’LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU: It was the hottest night of sex he’d ever had. Jeremy Friessen had heard the whispers that he was just like his father, with his looks, his bad ass attitude, and arrogance, and he’d never forget the night he’d spent with his best friends sister until she up and left, one day just three years ago.

GROUND RULES: With their wedding less than a week away, Jeremy and Tiffy discover they’re not on the same page when it comes to raising their son and dealing with the challenges that come their way. In true Friessen fashion, when Jeremy tries to establish ground rules, he soon learns that Tiffy isn’t the kind of woman anyone can tell what to do, and his strong personality could have her calling off the wedding and walking the other way.

A REASON TO BREATHE: Everyone knows the first time you meet that special someone: Your eyes connect from across the room, and you smile and work up the courage to say hello. It’s a simple feat for most people, but not for Trevor Friessen, who struggles to fit into this world and thinks he always will—that is, until he meets a girl who is as different from him as she is the same.

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Recently Released

The Trap

The Trap

On a cold and rainy night, Billy Jo McCabe receives a troubling phone call about a child in trouble. But when she shows up alone, things quickly go sideways, and she realizes her mistake.


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