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 June 10, 2019

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

How to stay ultra-inspired
I’m going to stray a bit from my regular posts to talk about something at the foundation of every change you make to your life or your career: how to stay ultra-inspired while you achieve that goal you’ve set your heart on and want so badly. Staying inspired is what will get you through the obstacles that come at you, what will keep you going, and what will get you out of bed at five a.m. so you can implement the five a.m. club routines and keep yourself focused on achieving your goals and having your amazing life. It’s easy in a world filled with so much criticism and negativity to just give up and go back to your ordinary life or to mediocrity, settling for second or third or fourth best, doing what’s easy, or just making excuses for why you can’t have it all instead of stepping out of your comfort zone and getting that dream career, that dream home, that loving relationship.
If you’re trying to make change but are going through a time where you feel tired, irritated, and ready to throw in the towel because change is messy, or you’re feeling confused, or you have so much coming at you that you’re feeling overwhelmed, or you feel as if your life is disrupted, let me remind you to keep going, because that change will be beautiful in the end. Don’t take your eye off that goal. I didn’t, and if you ask anyone who knows me, when I first started out as an author, everyone laughed in my face, saying that I wasn’t being realistic and that I was in the wrong league and could never amount to anything. But I didn’t listen. In fact, I didn’t share what I was doing until I received my first publishing contract and published my first book. Even through all the struggles, the closed doors, and having to pivot and come at things in another direction, I kept my eye on my goal and didn’t let anything get in my way. I didn’t let naysayers have a voice in my head.
I really believe that everyone deserves a beautiful life, and it’s really important to protect your inspiration. There’s a lot of news of conflict and negativity in the world, and yes, even those in your circle of friends or family could be energy vampires. We all have good days and hard seasons, and I still do, but the key is learning and setting your tight bubble of focus where you protect your inspiration and protect your energy, your mindset, your heartset. That’s how you go through the world and stay on your game and use what you’ve learned to pivot from a hard day or a hard season or a hard period in your life to rise to your best.
This is how you stay ultra-inspired to rise to your legendary:

1.  Feel the power of circulation. You can’t be legendary if you have no energy, period! You look at any iconic masters, any A players, they have tons of energy. Staying inspired, being a leader in your field, and producing an exceptional amount of work isn’t about hard tactics and strategy and execution or about ignoring inspiration. In fact, game changers do what they do because of inspiration.  

You know that fire in your belly that fills you with so much joy and excitement? Well, that fire of inspiration begins with the power of circulation, which means getting out there, managing by leaving your office and walking around. Circulate around the world, circulate around your community, and meet new people. By meeting new people, I get inspired by new insights. By hearing new conversations, I get new levels of energy. There is great power in circulation. If you want to be inspired, get out there. Conversations are very educational, and I’m not talking about listening to someone whine and complain, because I think everyone is tired of being around the kind of person who will sap your energy and your inspiration. So be sure to surround yourself with people who are likeminded.

2.  Get out in nature. The second insight to being more inspired is nature. Get out daily in the woods, a park, as close to nature as you can get, depending on where you live. You can listen to an audiobook while you walk in the woods or look at the scenery, but really connect with nature and the natural beauty by getting out in it. A lot of really good research now tells us that if you want to increase your happiness, boost your immune system, release that fear hormone that holds you back, and boost your serotonin, you need to walk in nature, connect to nature.  

3.  Adopt a nightly sunset ritual. It may sound ridiculous, but seriously, sit outside and watch the sun set. I don’t always get to do this, but I do try. Think about this: If the sun set only once every hundred years, you and the rest of the world would be sitting outside, watching it. But unfortunately, we get too busy with everything and don’t take the time. Because it happens every night, we take it for granted. This is called hedonic adaptation, where something we were once thankful for and excited about suddenly becomes our new normal, and our brains get used to it. Our brains are hardwired for ingratitude. Now, this served us well hundreds of years ago when we needed to look at our environment to see what was wrong, because if we didn’t, we’d be killed and eaten by a wild animal, some warring tribe, or some other danger. The problem is that now we’re living in the modern age, but our brains are still hardwired for negativity even though it doesn’t serve us anymore. So watch the sun set. If you don’t, you will miss it.  

4.  Connect with your loved ones. Have a conversation with your children, your family, over a three-hour meal instead of turning on the TV and sitting in front of it for the night. What inspires me are the simple pleasures. If you want to stay inspired, connect with your loved ones and become a perfect moment creator. What’s most important to our families are experiences, not more things. Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with things, that PS4, that flashy car, that nice home, that dressy watch, but those are not what’s important. Be a perfect moment creator with your family.  

5.  Do the “I am” 25 practice. Here’s the last one, the “I am” 25 practice. This involves a journal, and what you do is finish the sentence “I am…” twenty-five times. This is how it could look, but adapt it for yourself:  

I am more confident.
I am more brave.
I am more innovative.
I am more energetic.
I am more happy.
What it does is create a blueprint in your mind of the elite performer, and as you keep doing it, that thinking will then become your way of being.

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Lorhainne Eckhart

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