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Book 1 in The O'Connells series is now available in audiobook!

After the devastating loss of her husband, Jenny Sweetgrass packs up her teenage daughter, Alison, and moves to Livingston, Montana, hoping for a fresh start—that is, until Ryan O’Connell knocks on her door.

Park ranger Ryan is one of the six O’Connell siblings in Livingston, raised by an independent mom who has been a rock to him. He has a career he loves, and up until six weeks ago, he lived a comfortable life. When a new neighbor moves in and disturbs the quiet peace of the area, bringing with her a daughter who’s walking trouble, Ryan is shocked to discover that the woman is a one-night stand he picked up at a bar years ago.

Right now, the gorgeous Jenny isn’t too interested in making friends, but despite her cool façade, as Ryan gets to know her, he can’t fight an idiotic need to try to ease the pain he sees her trying to hide. At the same time, he knows deep down that both mother and daughter have a secret, and if he were smart, he would listen to his brother’s warning and walk away.

When Alison goes missing, everyone in town believes she simply ran off or found her way into trouble, but nothing about her disappearance adds up. She simply set out on an afternoon hike into the park and never came back.

Jenny soon learns she’s not alone when Ryan takes matters into his own hands and sets off with her into the park to find her daughter. What he doesn’t know is that Alison is actually his daughter, too, and when he learns the truth and the real reason she left, the secret could end up dividing the O’Connell family and the community.

"This is a story of family dynamics, teenage angst and rebellion, and secrets that can tear a family apart...held me captivated until I read the very last page." ★★★★★ Rebmay, Amazon Canada Reviewer

You can find THE NEIGHBOR in audibook at Kobo, Google Play and Scribd.  Narrated by Jessica Osbourne and Fernando Gonzales.


To celebrate the release of THE NEIGHBOR on audiobook, I am giving away a free audio review copy to the first 30 respondants who e-mail me at LorhainneEckhart.LE@gmail.com!  You must agree to leave an honest online review at your favorite audio retailer by July 6th.  PLEASE NOTE: This free audiobook is only available through the Authors Direct app (US, EU/UK, Canada and Australia only), and you must have a phone to install the app and listen.  Learn more here.  First come, first served.  Enjoy!  

Plus for a limited time, you can pick up the eBook version of THE NEIGHBOR for just 99cents!  Grab your copy today at Amazon, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, GooglePlay and SmashwordsClick here for all other retailers. 

Audio production is now underway for THE HOLIDAY BRIDE, narrated by Jessica Osbourne.  Stay tuned!

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