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 July 1, 2019

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

Are you playing the victim, or are you playing the leader?
It may surprise many of you that playing the victim comes naturally, and many of us do so every day without being aware, even when we understand how the victim mentality works. Playing the victim is often the first thing we do when we put our feet on the floor as we get out of bed in the morning, when we arrive at work and meet up with coworkers, or when we stop for coffee with a friend and vent or complain about something or someone, perhaps even a loved one.
Victims give away their power. They live in the past, always talking about the past. They talk about what isn’t working. They complain, they gossip, and they’re addicted to being busy. It isn’t until we become aware and catch ourselves slipping into this pattern that we can change it. And you can change it.
Think of it this way: Who do you want to be around, people who complain and gossip, are miserable, and never smile, or people who are excited and optimistic, who show up fully, lifting you just from the smiles and happiness that exude from them, from their confidence and self-esteem? I mean, how often in the last week have you met up for lunch or coffee with a family member, a friend, or a coworker only to hear that person complaining about her children or her husband, and even though you’re sitting at a table with her, she’s not really there? She’s stuck in her head, and you’re sitting in silence, and it’s not fun. Or maybe it was you who had a crappy day. Everything went to shit, and you spent the entire afternoon putting out one fire after another, and you’re the one reliving it over and over, whether thinking or talking about it.
But then there are those who are optimistic, fully engaged, fully present, and those people are leaders. Being a leader has nothing to do with your title or your job; it’s about showing up fully. Leaders are optimistic. They leave people better than they found them. Leaders come from all walks of life: They’re clerks at the deli counter, or they’re cleaning ladies, or they’re stay-at-home moms. It doesn’t matter what you do, because leaders are the ones who are excited every day from the moment they get out of bed, truly loving what they do.
Be proud of your work. Be proud of what you do.
You can make a difference even if you don’t have an impressive title, because the most important thing is to be proud of what you do. No matter what you do, do it with all your heart and nothing can stop you.


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Lorhainne Eckhart

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