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Pick up The Parker Sisters box for $2.99!

 October 21, 2020

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

$2.99 Boxed Set Sale

Meet the Parker sisters of Wyoming in this spin-off of the Married in Montana romance series, now on sale for $2.99!  This special set features the first five books in this heartwarming big family romance series including Thrill of the Chase, The Dating Game, Play Hard to Get, What We Can’t Have and Go Your Own Way.

“This is a wonderful heartwarming series built around strong family ties that involve some conflict, heartache, and plenty of drama…you’re not going to want to miss a single tale.” Catlou, Kindle Customer

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The moment Brady told his family he was engaged, his fiancée was nowhere to be found.

Six months ago, Brady’s true love, Cassie Arnold, walked into his hometown and his life. Everything was perfect, including their plans for their upcoming wedding—but one night, when he came home, Cassie was gone.

How could she just vanish?

Brady turns to his sheriff brother, Marcus O’Connell, and is stunned by what he discovers. Not only is there no trace of her, but it’s as if she never existed.

As they dig deeper into the days before Cassie vanished, Brady is stunned to learn of a series of mysterious phone calls, and he realizes his bride-to-be and her seemingly perfect smile were hiding dark secrets, including an unsolved murder at her family’s cabin in a hometown he’s never heard of.

Brady soon suspects that to find Cassie, he may also have to figure out what really happened the night of the murder—and why Cassie kept it all a secret.


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