The Monday Blog

The Monday Blog

 November 8, 2021

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

Lock up one bad guy and five more are waiting in the wings to step in and take over where he left off.

Just ask anyone who grew up under communism. I’m thankful to those who have immigrated from countries of tyranny and are here now, speaking up, trying to teach those of us who have never lived under tyranny and unfortunately don’t recognize it when it’s right in front of us. Thankfully, those who recognize the talking points and the narrative of dissent see clearly how dangerous it is that our rights are slowly being stripped away. They are speaking up, but they have become frustrated with us because we have never had to live under communism. Listen, please, because those who have fled such countries and lived under tyranny recognize everything that is happening now, every right that is slowly, one by one, being taken from us—and not just taken. We allowed this to happen.

Just this week, as more and more people are beginning to wake up, I listened to a story taken from a poem, “First They Came,” by Pastor Martin Neimöller. The way the story was told to me really hit home and made me realize that we find ourselves in a dire situation. The story concerns the Second World War and Auschwitz. First they came for the old people, the elderly, the grandparents. One man said that when it happened, he saw it and said, “Well, I’m not old. This has nothing to do with me.” Then they came for the disabled, and again he said, as he shrugged, “I’m not disabled, so this has nothing to do with me.” After the disabled, they came for the Jews. Again, he said, “Well, I’m not Jewish. This doesn’t affect me.” But then they came for him, and unfortunately, when they came for him, he had no one around to protect him, because they were all gone.

This is a reminder about standing together. I made my decision long ago that I will never blindly follow along. I will never stand by while the innocent are persecuted or taken advantage of. I know many who are done with the restrictions that never end, so they’ve taken a vaccine and signed up for a passport so they can travel, go to a movie, or go out for dinner. But remember that history always repeats itself unless we learn from it. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I have children, and one of them is autistic and can’t defend himself. The vulnerable cannot defend themselves against tyranny or even against wolves in sheep’s clothing who pretend to be well-meaning people yet blindly follow orders and shrug off the violation of a person’s rights.

Remember, if you don’t stand up to this, no one will be left to stand up for you when they come for you. You may not be affected right now, but the narrative will change again, as it has done repeatedly, and you may find yourself suddenly having to make a choice that goes against your moral fibre. People are standing up who didn’t in the beginning, who maybe said this didn’t affect them, but they’ve now found themselves in a position where this system of tyranny has come for them. I’m talking about blue-collar workers, nurses, doctors, firefighters, pilots, military personnel, and police. Many are now standing up for their rights because someone is coming for them. In the beginning, there were only a few voices. Now there are more. If you believe you can stay under the radar and follow every order as your rights are stripped away and somehow be okay with it, there will be a day where they come for you. And that happens by blindly handing over your free will, your power, to leaders who have never earned that right.

One question everyone should ask is when has any government in the history of mankind ever cared about us or our children? Think about it. It’s never okay to make excuses and sacrifice one person because it doesn’t affect you, or to blindly believe what leaders and the media tell you is for the greater good. Critical thinking is something schools don’t even teach. I’ve heard from a few people who’ve said outright that they have no time to research, and mainstream media tells them everything they need to know, and they will not consider anything outside of it.

Would it surprise you to know that with MSM (mainstream media), what you’re subjected to is called “the echo chamber effect”? If this is the first time you’ve heard about it, I encourage everyone to research it, but a brief outline is that you, the viewer, are shown only content that will reinforce your current political and social views without ever challenging you to think differently. Please, question everything.

That brings us to the current state of chaos, to the doctors who have sacrificed their careers to speak up. I know I’ve outlined this before in other blogs, but the number of people who don’t believe that a doctor is not allowed to question the safety of vaccines is surprising. Let me write it again, and then read it back to yourself. The college of physicians prohibits a doctor from questioning the safety of vaccines, and right now they are not allowed to question the narrative. The first thing everyone should be doing is asking questions, because a doctor not being allowed to question something is absolutely absurd. Every doctor should be questioning the safety of everything. When I go to the doctor, I expect them to have done their research. I am not a science experiment, and neither are my children. Doctors have spoken out because of deaths, adverse reactions, serious side effects, and a lack of science. MSM will have you believe otherwise, but the science, the actual data, has not been provided.

Doctors, the ones who have spoken up, have been completely discredited by mainstream media and politicians because apparently, they are going against the talking points. There seems to be a written narrative they are to follow, and if they dare to speak up, their hospital privileges are taken away and their medical licenses are suddenly in jeopardy. The only thing I expect from a doctor is my personal safety. They are to look after my and my children’s best interests, not the government, not the mainstream media. No government body has authority over my health or my body or my children. At the same time, when you are diagnosed with a serious illness, do you really take only one doctor’s word for it without doing your own research? In case you aren’t aware, because I had no idea, doctors have no training in vaccines. Ask them. They maybe received half a day’s exposure to the information in medical school, if that!

This is about politics and money!

Here is a great interview with a doctor who put the public first and not his job, and now his medical license is in jeopardy. Please listen, and then go and do your own research.

There is right and wrong, and right now it seems as if the world is coming to a head, as so many have been willing to follow along blindly and give up their freedoms one by one without questioning the narrative. I’ve said it before many times and I will keep saying it: Mainstream media do not do credible, real journalism. Instead, they push the narrative of the many corrupt leaders.

Ask yourself about the people standing up against tyranny for their rights and yours. Unfortunately, some people treat them as if they are the enemy because of the uncomfortable truths they’re speaking. Remember, do your own research, and question everything, but don’t blindly believe something because a politician who has never cared about you or your children says it’s true. Those people who are speaking up, protesting, standing up for their rights, whom the MSM and politicians are trying to vilify, many of them will be your family and your friends. When this does come to a head and blows up, and tyrannies always do, ask yourself where you’ll be in the fallout, standing in the corner on the side with the corrupt government and media or with your family, friends, and community? Do you choose freedom of choice and bodily autonomy, or will you be forever alienated from family because you tried to force your will onto someone who is openly questioning the narrative?

In case no one saw this, because MSM will not ever show it, Senator Ron Johnson convened a press conference for the vaccine injured who have been silenced. You can watch it here, and please do, because these people and their suffering have been silenced by mainstream media and the medical authorities who are supposed to protect us.

Remember this when they come for you: All it takes is one single uncorrupt judge to end the tyranny, one single sheriff to arrest a criminal politician, and one single mother to stand up to corrupt school boards about the insanity being taught and hurting our children.

Stop believing everything the TV is telling you. Start doing your own research, and stop saying it doesn’t affect you just because they haven’t come for you yet.

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