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 November 30, 2020

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

You would think that what is private to you, your thoughts, your feelings, would be yours alone, not to be shared with anyone. So what happens when, suddenly, that privacy is invaded?

Is there any greater violation of your privacy than someone reading the very personal feelings and thoughts you’ve written in a journal? Just think about it: If something you wrote while angry, upset, or disillusioned were read by someone else, a stranger or even someone you knew, could you imagine how that person would see you? Knowing others have an unflattering view of you would have you wanting to retreat even further into yourself.

Everyone goes through rough times in life. A trauma, a loss, an emotional breakup, or anything messy may leave you emotionally gutted for a time. Maybe you hit rock bottom or feel as if the world is out to get you. When the rug is yanked out from under you, you might journal just to get through it. No one has to explain how he or she feels or justify that. How many of you have a journal or keep a diary in which you write down your very personal and private thoughts and feelings? Following that age-old advice not to bottle things up, you might write your thoughts down in a journal, that very private book that no one has a right to read. No one should ever betray that by reading it.

So what would happen if someone read those very private, embarrassing, sacred thoughts? Your privacy would be invaded, and, worse, your thoughts might be shared publicly. That has to be the worst violation, yet it happens. In my new release, The Stalker, this happens to Alison Sweetgrass-O’Connell, a young woman who has carried a dark cloud of doom, believing every bad thing that can happen does happen to her.

One of Alison’s ways of coping has always been to put pen to paper and journal her personal and private dark thoughts, even making a list of names, a hate list, of people who have hurt her. When she suspects someone has been in her apartment and read her journal, it’s a horrific experience for her, because she worries that the revelation of her thoughts might not only destroy the trust she’s built with her family but also have people seeing her differently. This is exactly what happens, and Alison believes this will be the final straw for her family, that they will turn their backs on her.

If we only knew the dark thoughts that linger in most people’s heads. Everyone has dark thoughts sometimes, and I’m not sure anyone would ever want his or her deepest, darkest thoughts shared with anyone, and certainly not put out there for public scrutiny.

Ask yourself this: If you were grieving a loss and angry at a person for what you perceived he or she had done to you, and you put those angry thoughts to paper with no consideration of their consequences, how would those thoughts be viewed by a stranger or someone you know?

That’s why journals are private—and we don’t read anyone’s private journal.

New Release

The newest addition to The O’Connells series is here!  THE STALKER, Book 13, is now available at all online retailers!

Dark secrets are resurrected in this new O’Connell novel.

The Stalker

The Stalker

Alison Sweetgrass-O’Connell believes she’s forever a misfit and will never fit in until she meets who she believes is the perfect guy. But when a suspicious turn of events has her fearing she’s being stalked and worse knows one of her secrets, something no one should know.

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