A Billy Jo McCabe Mystery Box Set Books 4 – 6

 October 15, 2021

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

A Billy Jo McCabe Mystery Box Set Books 4 – 6

NY Times & USA Today bestselling author Lorhainne Eckhart brings you a new crossover series! The social worker and the cop, an unlikely couple drawn together on a small, secluded Pacific Northwest island where nothing is as it seems. Protecting the innocent comes at a cost, and what seems to be a sleepy, quiet town is anything but. Includes The Trap, Above the Law and The Stranger at the Door

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About the Book

The Trap: On a cold and rainy night, Billy Jo McCabe receives a troubling phone call about a child in trouble. But when she shows up alone, things quickly go sideways, and she realizes her mistake.


Above the Law: His crime was unforgivable, but the law protects him.


The Stranger at the Door: She knocked on his door. He never should have answered. As newly appointed chief of police, Mark Friessen is settling into his small-town role when he uncovers the twisted tale of a woman forced to marry the man who killed her family.


“This book is gritty, captivating and thought provoking. It evokes many emotions and reactions….just what a great book should do.” Rebmay


Series: A Billy Jo McCabe Mystery Box Set, Book 2
Genre: Mystery Thriller
Tags: mystery thriller, small town and rural, women sleuth
ISBN: 9781990590016
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