Join the O’Connell siblings as they deal with the dark and deadly side of love in small-town Livingston, Montana. 

A heart-pounding collection of romantic thrillers!

A Christmas of Betrayal


A Christmas of Betrayal

In the face of danger, they'll protect their own, preserving love, tradition, and hope this Christmas.

The O'Connells must put their trust and love to the ultimate test as they fight for survival against ruthless assassins determined to eliminate all evidence of Raymond O'Connell's existence.

The O'Connells' idyllic life in small-town Montana is thrown into chaos when Raymond O'Connell is discovered to still be alive. Government agents descend on the family with ruthless intent, leaving each member of the family a target and their lives hanging in the balance. Luke and Chloe's plans for a Christmas wedding are threatened as assassins close in, while Marcus is shot and Ryan fights for survival in the woods. Even the grandchildren are not safe from danger. As each O'Connell struggles to stay one step ahead of the assassins, they must also convince Raymond to fight for his own survival.

With trust and loyalties tested, can love triumph over adversity? Follow The O'Connells as they navigate this treacherous path.

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