Anything For You

Cat & Xander return in a Friessen Family novella about hurdles in this young couple’s relationship

Cat and Xander have been living together for years and for Cat it’s everything she wants until an unexpected complication changes everything in this couple's relationship.

But for Xander having Cat means she comes with her very opinionated and interfering father Neil who is always sticking his nose into their relationship. Only this time it isn’t Xander Neil will be butting heads with when Cat refuses to marry Xander, but his very stubborn daughter whose somehow believes that marriage isn’t for her. How far will Xander have to go to convince Cat that marrying him isn’t the worst idea ever?

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Series: The Friessens, Book 23
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Sagas, Women's Fiction
Tags: contemporary romance, romance series, sagas
ISBN: 9781928085911