June 30, 2023

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Six unlikely friends, outcasts with a diverse set of skills, are brought together to face off against a common enemy in the mind-bending new series The Watchers.

Finding Honor


Finding Honor

Trusting the wrong person can be dangerous.

On a warm Friday morning, city councilor Terrance Mack walks into his office to find a stranger waiting with an unexpected warning: If he doesn’t fall in line with the rest of the council on an upcoming vote, he’ll face consequences.


Terrance has earned a reputation as a thorn in the side of corporate America. In fact, he holds such strong values as a father, a husband, a community leader, and an advocate for the disadvantaged that he’s become a target. With his rock-solid stance of being no one’s puppet, he knows that each day he walks into his office could be his last.


When his brakes fail one morning, a man is shot beside him, and he lands in the ER after an accidental poisoning, Terrance learns the secrets and lies that fill the Billings Council office may be only the tip of something truly sinister. Terrance refuses to park his morals for anything, not even his bank account—but he doesn’t know who he can trust, and if he’s not careful, his family could become the next target.


Will Terrance continue to do the right thing, or will he fall in line as a voice for a bigger enemy hiding in the shadows?

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Series: The Street Fighter, Book 2
Genres: Mystery Thriller, political, small town and rural, social justice
Tags: hard-boiled, police procedural, political, small town and rural
ISBN: 9781998775545
eBook Price: 4.99
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