June 30, 2023

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Six unlikely friends, outcasts with a diverse set of skills, are brought together to face off against a common enemy in the mind-bending new series The Watchers.

Finding Redemption


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Finding Redemption

In Finding Redemption, Terrance Mack, a city councilor, and his family face danger, deceit, and power struggles. They yearn for a new beginning, but a sinister plot threatens their lives. Terrance faces political threats and must uncover the truth to protect his family.

The emotional struggle of a homeless family in Finding Home followed by the shadowy intrigue that unfolded in Finding Honor, the dirty corrupt schemes persist in Finding Redemption. Terrance Mack, a principled city councilor is caught up in a treacherous web of deceit and power struggles that threaten to tear his family apart. As Terrance's wife's pregnancy approaches its spring due date, the challenges faced by the family have intensified.

At the heart of this treachery is George Schwartz, a master manipulator and cunning orchestrator who takes pleasure in sowing chaos through a group influential individuals, including former city councilor Frank, a man consumed by greed, and Jason, a heartless psychopath who thrives on others' suffering.

Amidst the turmoil, Terrance's resolute spirit refuses to bend to corruption and deceit. With his family's safety at stake, he must navigate treacherous waters and uncover the truth behind the sinister game being played by those in power.

As alliances shift and hidden agendas come to light, "Finding Redemption" delves deeper into the dark underbelly of power and ambition. Terrance's fight for justice becomes a harrowing journey toward redemption, where he must confront the darkest corners of humanity to protect those he holds dear.

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