A high stakes suspense and sizzling, red-hot romance!

"Two weeks of craziness!" Susan

"This is the easiest 5 stars I have ever given a book." Caroline

"Crazy plot twist." English Teacher

One Night

He still hadn't kissed her. He was holding her hands above her head and watching with a satisfied grin.

A blind date goes deadly on a night she’ll never forget!

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About the Book

A blind date goes deadly on a night she’ll never forget.


Kate Sikes has it all: she’s smart and sexy, she has a great career, and she really does believe in happy endings—only she always picks the wrong guys. Nonetheless, she’s determined to meet the man of her dreams, and she believes she’s finally found the one when she turns to online dating. However, her high hopes are once again dashed when Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Wrong, with some seriously heavy baggage that has Kate running for her life.

When Detective Walker Pruett comes to Kate’s rescue not once but twice, he realizes the only way to keep her safe from a crazy stalker is to keep her close. But his life is far from easy. He’s a lone wolf, and the last thing he’s looking for is attachment. After One Night with Kate, though, Walker can’t fight the chemistry sizzling between them. Not only does he find her irresistible, he feels compelled to protect her. And Kate soon discovers just how far Walker will go to do so.

Don’t miss any of the books in this new sizzling romantic suspense series!


One Night

Edge of Night

Last Night


Series: Kate and Walker, Book 1
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Tags: new adult & college, romantic suspense
ISBN: 9781928085256
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