The Parker Sisters

Follow the heartwarming love stories of the Parker Sisters in small town Wyoming. An uplifting romantic saga as each sister struggles to find the one, they find strength in each other.

Come and meet the five Parker Sisters, Taz, Ivy, Naomi, Scarlett and Mason while they all search for love.

Play Hard to Get

She leaned forward, going right to plan C, giving him an eyeful. He didn't seem interested at all. It was as if he was completely unaffected by her. He had to be a monk, or maybe it was the fact that Naomi didn't have a clue how to entice a guy. None of this was the reaction she'd expected.

Twenty-four-year-old Naomi Parker is interning as a journalist. Until she stumbles onto a big story and a man who as difficult as he is the one she has to have. So, with two objectives in mind: be the best she can be and not let him see that she wants him. Naomi is convinced she’ll have him in no time.

The only problem: the man she set her sights on doesn’t know she exists.

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About the Book

From a Readers’ Favorite award—winning author and “queen of the family saga” (Aherman) comes The Parker Sisters a new spinoff series of the Married in Montana series.

Twenty-four-year-old Naomi Parker is interning as a journalist when she stumbles onto a big story about a ruthless man, a destroyer of women. With two objectives in mind, to be the best she can be and to not let him find out who she really is, Naomi sets out to uncover everything Cameron Donnelly has been trying to hide. The only problem is that he might not be everything she believes him to be.


  • Thrill of the Chase
  • The Dating Game
  • Play Hard to Get
  • What we Can’t Have
  • Go Your Own Way
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