July 10

Stay Away From My Daughter Audiobook


Stay Away From My Daughter Audiobook


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Stay Away From My Daughter Audiobook

Circumstances that brought Sara & Devon together could ultimately tear them apart.

“When Sara’s brutally attacked while leaving campus one night, Devon Reed comes to her rescue. But Devon’s no white knight, and as all too often happens, no good deed goes unpunished. When Devon finds himself facing charges, it may only be Sara’s faith in him that will save him this time.” --Catlou


Sara Friessen considers herself to be a typical teenager with an overprotective father, but when she is brutally attacked one night in a darkened parking lot she is saved by a mysterious handsome stranger who comes to her rescue. Only Devon Reed would never consider himself the kind of guy that could ever belong to her world, considering the ruthless dark world he belongs to and the fact he may no more about the night she was attacked, and who really tried to hurt her.



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