The Friessens Books 9 – 14 Box Set

The Friessens Books 9 – 14 Box Set

Author Lorhainne Eckhart returns with a brand new generation of Friessens. An engrossing big family romance series about family, commitment, hope and making a relationship work. This boxed set includes Books 9 - 13, In the Moment, In the Family, In the Silence, In the Stars, In the Charm and bonus short story Unexpected Consequences

IN THE MOMENT: What happens when you meet a man you can’t take home to meet your parents?

IN THE FAMILY: Those we love always come home.

IN THE SILENCE: In the silence love hears everything.

IN THE STARS: Don’t ever fall in love with your best friend!

IN THE CHARM: Chris is used to having whatever he wants—but this time, the irresistible could come at a high price.

And includes bonus novella Unexpected Consequences

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About the Book
Series: The Friessen Legacy, The Friessens, Book 13
Genre: Sagas
Tag: contemporary romance
ISBN: 9781928085690
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