Join the O’Connell siblings as they deal with the dark and deadly side of love in small-town Livingston, Montana. 

A heart-pounding collection of romantic thrillers!

The Gatekeeper


The Gatekeeper

Seven years ago, she lost her husband.

Three years ago, her daughter was taken from her.

Today, she’s taking back her life.

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About the Book

Being taken in by the O’Connells would be a bit overwhelming for some. But for Reine Colbert, the feeling of being on the outside, looking in is all too familiar. Yet when Suzanne O’Connell, the unruly rule-breaker, steps in with her very pregnant sister Karen to right all the wrongs Reine has suffered along the way, she exposes a deeply guarded secret involving crimes against other women, and the three soon find themselves in a perilous situation that could leave one of them paying the ultimate price.

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