Join the O’Connell siblings as they deal with the dark and deadly side of love in small-town Livingston, Montana. 

A heart-pounding collection of romantic thrillers!

The O’Connells Books 10 – 12: Audiobook


The O’Connells Books 10 – 12: Audiobook

A pulse-pounding collection of three O’Connell favorites

The Fallen O’Connell: A broken man seeking a new life. A diabolical plot that revolves around his unexpected return. Will the combination ruin a prominent family?

The Return of the O’Connells: A family reconciling their troubled past. A new enemy emerges. Will this unsettling development ruin the O’Connell’s hard-earned harmony?

And Then She Was Gone: The moment Brady told his family he was engaged, his fiancée was nowhere to be found. A disappearing fiancé. A decision to explore her troubled past. Will his investigation lead down a dark tunnel that includes murder?

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