Unforgiven Audiobook

 December 27, 2022

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

Unforgiven Audiobook

Junior lawyer, Samuel Wilde has an unbreakable bond with his brothers—that is, until one woman comes between them, threatening to divide the Wilde family forever.

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About the Book

Samuel Wilde has always been close with his brothers until one night in a dumbass move he pushed the girl he loved away, right into the arms of his brother.


Only, Jill couldn’t love his kind and considerate brother, even though he was the better choice. Even after Samuel had hurt her in the most cruel way a man can hurt a woman. But one rainy night when Jill knocked on his door, he knew the mistake he’d made at the same time he didn’t want his brother to have her. Only Jill soon discovered she was pregnant, the problem, she doesn’t know which brother is the father.


And as Jill and Samuel’s relationship turns bitter, big brother Logan steps in to not only save the brothers relationship, but may be the only one who can reason with stubborn and difficult Samuel, before sides are chosen, and the family is divided forever.

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