Welcome to My Arms

 May 18, 2018

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

Welcome to My Arms

What was supposed to be a simple rescue by a stranger turns into so much more.

Everyone in Columbia Falls, Montana believes that Chelsea Friessen is a spoiled princess who is more trouble than she’s worth. They’d be wrong though, considering that tale was spun by a scorned high school crush and two years later is still the first impression everyone has of her.

But when she meets a man whose personality is as arrogant as he is drop dead gorgeous that if Chelsea was in her right mind should have her running away from him. The only problem is that this badass stranger walked into her life knowing he saved her from humiliation, a stranger and a kiss she couldn’t resist where he pretended to be her fiancé. The only problem with pretending is it suddenly becomes far too real.

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About the Book
Series: The Friessens, Book 17
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Sagas, Women's Fiction
Tags: contemporary romance, romance series, sagas, western romance
ISBN: 9781928085737
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