The Parker Sisters

Follow the heartwarming love stories of the Parker Sisters in small town Wyoming. An uplifting romantic saga as each sister struggles to find the one, they find strength in each other.

Come and meet the five Parker Sisters, Taz, Ivy, Naomi, Scarlett and Mason while they all search for love.

What We Can’t Have

It all started the moment he laid eyes on me.

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About the Book

“You will cheer Mason on for her backbone and finally breaking free of the emotional chains of the family.” Bookzilla

Seventeen-year-old Mason Parker wants nothing to do with the hot sexy bronc rider who her sister Scarlett has a major crush on.

The only problem is this cowboy doesn’t even know her sister exists, and to make matters worse has set his sights on awkward geeky Mason. But Mason isn’t about to give in that easy, even after her sister accuses her of flirting with him and proceeds to make her life a living hell.

Only Justin won’t give up and he isn’t taking no for an answer.  And even when she finally agrees to go out with him mainly to get back at her spiteful sister, Mason soon realizes that she can’t deny her feelings for him. And she is now faced with a dilemma considering being together, could end up dividing the Parkers.


Thrill of the Chase

The Dating Game

Play Hard to Get

What we Can’t Have

Go Your Own Way

A June Wedding

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