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A Busca

A Busca

Author: Lorhainne Eckhart
Series: O Legado Friessen (Portuguese Edition), Book 4
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Sagas, Western Romance, Women's Fiction
Tags: contemporary romance, Portuguese Translated, romance series, sagas

A cowboy who recrossed the family's fortune. A woman who returned for justice. What they did not expect was to find love.

- Another great book in the series and by this author. I'll start reading The Awakening as soon as I finish this review; can not wait! - Paula

"When life gives bad cards to an innocent, it's not surprising that you want revenge. This story deals with the situation in a simple way, turning anger and mistrust into love. It's well written, and it's a story that makes you want to read more about this family. - Voracious Reader

- The story deals with some social issues without ever giving a chance to love, overcoming problems and insurmountable losses for the heroine to find and claim true love against all odds. - Billie Miller

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Um Bebê e um Casamento
Non Fermarmi

Non Fermarmi

Author: Lorhainne Eckhart
Series: I Fratelli McCabe (, Book 1
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Mystery Thriller, Romantic Suspense, Sagas, Women's Fiction
Tags: hard-boiled, romance series, romantic suspense, sagas

Quindici anni fa, Vic McCabe si ritrovò su una strada a senso unico verso la distruzione, con l'amore della sua vita. Quando accadde l'impensabile, un semplice errore cambiò completamente i loro destini.

Vic McCabe è un costruttore miliardario di successo. Un uomo che tutte le donne desiderano. Tuttavia, non concede il suo cuore a nessuno. Un giorno, una giornalista si presenta alla sua porta, facendo domande sul suo passato… un passato che aveva seppellito, un errore che aveva commesso quindici anni fa e che ha distrutto la sua vita e quella della donna che sta cercando di dimenticare.

Dopo l'emergere di nuove prove, che avevano portato alla luce dettagli di quella notte, Vic si ritrova costretto a cercare quella donna che aveva amato, e che ama tuttora… la donna che aveva giurato di odiarlo per sempre.

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Welcome to Boston

Welcome to Boston

Author: Lorhainne Eckhart
Series: The Friessen Legacy, The Friessens, Book 17.5
Tags: contemporary romance, romance series, sagas

Either this would be the biggest mistake of her life, or it could turn out to be the best decision Paige ever made.

After all who accepts an invitation from a man they hardly know to travel across the country to get to know them better, from a note?

Will this turn out to be a mistake that Paige will regret and have her walking into something that she can't control? Or will this be a chance for love that Paige and Morgan are both looking for?

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