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How many times have you been told you just need to think positively about a bad situation and then everything will be okay?

Positive thinking isn’t wrong—it’s just not really effective. Positive thinking is basically saying that there’s something negative and you’re overcoming it. The problem is that this doesn’t work very well, and there’s a better strategy…

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New Release & Sneak Peek

It’s release day for A REASON TO BREATHE, Book 20 in The Friessens series!  Everyone knows the first time you meet that special someone: Your eyes connect from across the room, and you smile and work up the courage to say hello. It’s a simple feat for most people, but not […]

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Catch the DON’T RUN FROM ME 99cent sale PLUS the Monday blog

I’m changing things up a bit after taking in all the blog posts I’ve written over the past year. Today, I’m talking about romance.

I’m a romance writer, and I’m proud to be a romance writer, considering romance is the number one bestselling genre of all time. Romance readers are the most voracious readers, the most loyal fans. I read romance, but at the same time, I see the stigma…

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