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Standing up to tyranny has consequences when you’re forced to do it alone. But what if you’re only eight years old?

 November 15, 2021

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

So many out there are scared to take a stand and use their voices because they are afraid to do it alone, afraid of the consequences, of being arrested, of having to fight back. They look for the easy way to just comply. Well, how about an eight-year-old who has been suspended from school thirty-eight times for refusing to wear a mask because she alone took a stand against the school board and their ridiculous mask mandate? In case you missed my other posts, please go and do your own research, and turn off the mainstream media, which continues to lie without any scientific evidence to back up anything.

If you want to know who the mainstream media are working for, look at who owns them and who signs their paychecks. The information is out there. Doctors and lawyers have been standing up and speaking out, filing lawsuits, presenting actual scientific evidence that goes against the mainstream media and the politicians’ narratives. Many are now listening, doing their own research, but there are still people asleep out there. Please wake up and know that there is hope on the horizon.

In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis signed an executive order in July that prohibited mask mandates in schools. But of course it wasn’t that easy, because what followed were legal battles from those who were determined to keep kids in masks. On September 15th, a federal judge upheld the executive order: No masks on our kids. They are standing firm, even rejecting an appeal by people determined to push the fear button.

Fear is how tyrants keep their power.

Fear is how they divide us.

At least the Florida governor is standing up for kids. But what has surprised me is that it took an eight-year-old who wasn’t willing to comply to take a stand against a school board. She even called those adults out as criminals, telling them they were breaking the law and would be going to jail. Good for her! Again, she is eight years old, a strongminded, fearless young girl who has been suspended from the second grade thirty-eight times for violating that school district’s mask mandate because she believed it was wrong. For a child so young to stand up and speak is a credit to her parents, and for me it’s an inspiration, because apparently she has some critical thinking skills. This is a reminder that critical thinking is something we’re all born with, but it seems to be stripped away, and what is taught is compliance.

Now Fiona’s parents have created a website for her, outlining all the suspensions and the details of her experience so we can understand what this little girl has been forced to endure. On September 22, 2021, standing up before the board members, she told those adults deciding her fate that being suspended was not going to change her mind and that she has the right not to wear a mask. She was the one getting punished, yet the adults on the school board were the ones breaking the law. She went on to inform those adults that she hoped they would all go to jail for doing that to her.

I believe many will be going to jail when the fallout happens, because tyranny always crumbles. When you read the details on the website, you see that this little girl has done all her school work at home, yet adults are retaliating against her because she’s not complying, so they have slapped yet another punishment on her by failing her. Please listen to this little girl who is standing up for what she believes in and speaking up when so many adults are preferring to just go along with everything and stay quiet. Here is her video. She appeared beside Governor DeSantis in an interview, terrified. Hell, I’d be terrified and shaking, but she did it. One thing to note in this interview, as pointed out by the governor, is how many of these school board officials using a heavy hand are themselves walking around and congregating without masks.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, masks are about compliance.

In this interview, Fiona brings up something everyone should be talking about, which is the germs you’re breathing in from dirty masks. This is something I’ve pointed out to people around me, but unfortunately too many are still not connecting the dots. Again, I keep saying it, “Do your own research”. Only because of pressure from the DeSantis administration has this school district now decided to drop its mandatory mask requirement.

What really bothered me was hearing about a little girl with down syndrome who has an enlarged tongue, whose mask was tied on with nylon rope so she couldn’t take it off. The mask became soaked with saliva. Ask yourself how well she would have been able to breathe. When the parents went to the school, they found out it had happened not just that day but every day for six weeks. The school had just forgotten to untie it and take it off that day—you know, to hide the evidence. Parents of special needs kids have been speaking up well before this about some of the atrocities their kids endure in schools. But back to this little girl. What did the teacher and principal say to the parents about the tied-on mask? “The school board told us all students had to wear masks.” Here is the video.

Remember, when the day comes when people are held accountable for their part in this, saying you were just doing your job and following orders won’t save you. Standing up to tyranny comes with a cost, but so does not speaking out or standing up.

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