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Today’s Monday Blog: Misinformation, disinformation who coined those terms?

 April 18, 2022

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

The new political spin is that misinformation and disinformation are a threat to our democracy. But so is grooming people to believe they have to trust only what the politicians are pushing. There has been a big push to silence anyone who speaks out against those in power positions, the global elites who decide what you can and can’t hear, taking away your free thought, your free speech, and your ability to think for yourself.

Let’s talk about isolation, which is a powerful tactic used by controlling partners. In this control structure, the husband (the psychopath) needs to prevent his wife from hearing anyone else’s perspective so that she believes everything he says, everything he tells her to do. Think about the control, the possessiveness, the jealousy at play. He uses words to keep her exactly where he wants her, under his control and far away from anyone who could have her thinking for herself. Pay attention to words, because they matter. The husband says he is the only one who understands her, truly, deeply understands her, and the only one who knows what is best for her. There are so many lies out there, and he is the only one who can decipher the truth. He can’t allow her to hear those lies, as they will confuse her. There are some things out there that she shouldn’t hear or read or watch. She doesn’t understand or have the ability to decipher the truth and critically think the way he does. This is the only way he can protect her.

He tells her there are people out there, friends and even family, who are speaking lies and leading her down a path of destruction. The only way to protect her from them is to not allow her to talk to them anymore. She can’t see them and can’t believe anything they say, as they are spreading lies and disinformation, trying to come between her and her husband. This abusive man controls the information coming in, controls what his wife can read or listen to, who she can talk to, who she has to stay away from. Rinse and repeat the narrative over and over. He goes so far as to demonize friends, neighbors, or family who speak out against him and what he is doing to her to the point that she believes only what he tells her. He is the only speaker of truth, and anyone who speaks out against him and what he is saying is lying and spreading disinformation and misinformation.

If you look at politics and politicians, the world of the elites, you see how questions are never really answered. It’s not just the leaders who have become masters of spin but those appointed under them in positions of power. Let’s look at just one, the interim chief of police, Steve Bell, in Ottawa. Pay attention to the spin in his video, because this is what is done on a mass scale by those in power, which ends up having the people believing something to be true in order to divide them from their families, neighbors, friends, and communities.

In this video, Dane Lloyd, an MP, walks you through how it works using the example of a story that was pushed in the Toronto Star. The chief was asked back in February whether any loaded shotguns were found in the trucks of the protesters. Lloyd wasn’t sure what the answers were going to be, but he points out that when the police or RCMP complete a big bust of guns, they typically want to give a splashy press release. Yet, looking back at the protest, we never did see any notification that firearms were found. The March 19 Toronto Star says that a police source stated firearms were found in the vehicle, but when Dane Lloyd asked the interim chief directly whether firearms were found in the vehicle, and he had to ask many times, the chief kept saying no charges had been laid to date without answering yes or no. He kept reverting to the spin, which would leave me assuming there could be some validity to this.

But Lloyd would not let the chief get away with that spin. He pinned him down, yes or no, answer the question. Watching, I swear the chief appeared embarrassed when he finally said no before being cut off. He was going right to that spin, trying to lead you to believe that even though he had said no, you still had to believe the lies.

In politics, when questions are asked, politicians never want to give you a straight answer. Instead, they spin it and answer the question they believe you should have asked. The interim chief was on the spot and was really trying to avoid answering. How many police sources, media agencies, and government representatives stated that the truckers were committing arson, that they had found firearms? Yet when this committee started investigating and really asking hard, direct questions about what really happened, where was the evidence?

They even brought up the Toronto Star article and the details in it about the police informant. MP Dane Lloyd asked for the truth. He even brought up how despite the fact that politicians say misinformation and disinformation is a threat to our democracy and that the truckers and protesters were spreading lies and misinformation, the mainstream media itself was spreading misinformation. Here we had the interim chief of police being unable to corroborate the evidence, so he didn’t want to answer the question. But what happens when you let a lie continue? What is truly alarming is the fact that mainstream media and politicians are still trying to spin a narrative that firearms were in downtown Ottawa without producing evidence to back this up.

How do you destroy credibility? With a very well-placed lie.

Politicians retweeted the story about loaded firearms, and the interim chief was called out about this because this was a prime example of misinformation being pushed by a journalist and spread by politicians.

Again, think about the woman who believes everything and anything her controlling partner tells her. Nothing you say or do or show her will convince her to even question why he would do this to her. Why would he lie to her? Why would he take away her free will and right to think for herself?

Keep your eyes wide open. Never, ever be afraid to ask questions. Politicians are like managers you hire to run your business. They are given a budget and are accountable to you. But what if your business manager pushed lies and misinformation, changed company policies behind your back, and took more and more money from you and gave it to his friends? Would you not fire him, maybe press criminal charges, and sue him for slander, embezzlement, fraud? You would at least look into what the hell he was really doing.

If anything, remember that only you know what is best for you. We have been given free will, but what we have not been taught is that you never, ever give your power or your free thought over to anyone. Misinformation, disinformation, who coined those terms? Always, always ask to see the evidence for yourself.

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