A Matter of Trust


When oil executive Ben Wilde is sent to pitch a pipeline project in Kit Cove, he clashes with environmentalist Carrie Richardson, who opposes his plans. Despite their differences, a strong attraction develops between them, leading to a conflict between their feelings and their respective responsibilities.

When Ben Wilde, a renowned figure in the oil and gas industry, is sent to Kit Cove to sell his company’s pipeline project, he finds himself facing fierce opposition from a passionate environmentalist named Carrie Richardson. As he stays at her father’s B&B, Ben becomes entangled in a community that resists his presence and a woman he tells himself he can’t have feelings for.

Carrie, the spokesperson for the group opposing the pipeline, is determined to protect her community’s interests. Despite their clash of ideologies, Ben and Carrie are drawn to each other, facing a dilemma between their growing attraction and their respective responsibilities. As they grapple with the powerful connection between them, they must confront the question of whether they can trust each other with their hearts amidst the battle for progress and preservation.


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