A Baby and a Wedding


A Baby and a Wedding: A heartwarming tale of unexpected twists. As their wedding day approaches, Emily and Brad encounter an unexpected obstacle – Emily’s past marriage resurfaces, threatening to cast a shadow over their happiness. Bitterness and challenges arise as they navigate the complexities of untangling her past. With determination and perseverance, they must find a way to overcome the hurdles in their path, all while cherishing the journey that brings them closer together.

A Bundle of Joy and Matrimony: Marking the arrival of a precious baby and celebrating the union of love. Everything seemed perfect until the wedding day, when an unforeseen complication arose. Emily’s past marriage was unexpectedly unresolved, leading to her ex-husband’s determined efforts to hinder her newfound happiness. Amidst bitterness and obstacles, a relentless struggle unfolded, spanning months as they worked to secure the elusive divorce papers. With tenacious legal negotiations, Emily’s ex-husband finally relented, paving the way for Brad and Emily to exchange vows just as their daughter entered the world.


eBook, Audiobook


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