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A Vow of Love, A Friessen Family Christmas


In this poignant tale, the Friessens face a Christmas marred by lies and uncertainty. Candy discovers a devastating secret, leading her to question her marriage to Neil. As plans for separation take shape, an urgent call unites the family around their ailing mother. Amid the turmoil, Candy and Neil must navigate shattered trust and the hope for redemption, making this holiday season a test of their love and resilience.

“A Vow of Love, A Friessen Family Christmas”: A poignant holiday tale of love, upheaval, and second chances.

Holidays signify family, love, and generosity, yet for the Friessen family, this Christmas takes an unexpected turn. In “A VOW OF LOVE,” Candy Friessen receives a letter just days before Christmas, revealing a life-altering lie. Her world shatters, casting doubts on her relationship with Neil and their family.

As Candy contemplates leaving Neil, a distressing call changes everything. Their mother’s hospitalization brings the entire Friessen clan together, facing uncertainty and upheaval. Brad, Neil, Jed, and their wives gather for Christmas, but there’s no joyful celebration, no festive presents.

Amid this tumultuous time, Candy and Neil grapple with shattered trust. Can their family bond withstand the upheaval and guide them toward a renewed commitment and love? This heartrending holiday story explores the strength of family ties and the power of second chances.


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