Above the Law


In “Above the Law,” Detective Mark Friessen faces an unforgivable crime, shielded by the law’s protection. When an anonymous woman confides in social worker Billy Jo McCabe about a dark secret within the chief of police’s family, they can’t turn away. The victim, Cheyenne Potter, is the niece of the chief, Tolly Shephard, and has hidden her pain for years. Mark suspects Tolly is hiding many secrets, and he and Billy Jo team up to uncover the truth. But as they dig deeper, they realize the players involved use the law to their advantage, and stepping on the wrong toes might lead to a dangerous and unwinnable fight. In a world where justice isn’t always served, they must navigate a web of deception where the best nondisclosures are bought with money.

His crime was unforgivable, but the law protects him.


If an alleged crime is reported to you, but no victim can be found, has a crime been committed? This is exactly the question Billy Jo McCabe asks Detective Mark Friessen when an anonymous woman approaches her and tells her about an unspeakable crime taking place right under the watch of the chief of police, in his own family.


When Billy Jo reaches out to Mark with the story, he just can’t look away. They soon learn family is family, and the victim has been hiding her secret for years. But she’s not just any victim: She’s Cheyenne Potter, the niece of the chief of police, Tolly Shephard.


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