Captain Eric Hamilton has resettled into a new life on a military base, but the return of an old dilemma threatens his peace. When his friend Lieutenant Commander Joe Reed is captured while deployed in Iraq, Eric must confront the painful choice of leaving everything behind once again to search for him. As he watches from afar, the sense of emptiness grows, pushing Eric to consider risking it all to save his friend.

As Captain Eric Hamilton settles into his new life on the base, he is haunted by the decision he never thought he would have to make again. He had given up his beloved sea for his wife and children, but now, with his friend’s life hanging in the balance, he must confront a familiar dilemma. Lieutenant Commander Joe Reed has been captured while deployed in Iraq, and as Eric watches helplessly from home, a sense of emptiness consumes him. Life seems to be passing him by until he realizes that he may have to leave everything behind once more in order to search for his friend, even if it means risking everything.


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