Don’t Catch Me


At a run-down gas station, two strangers’ lives unexpectedly collide. A chance act of heroism thrusts one into an unexpected moral dilemma. Chase McCabe, a former politician turned lawyer, stops for gas on his way to meet his brothers, only to find himself caught in a crime. As he digs deeper into the young culprit’s story, he realizes things aren’t as simple as they appear. Determined to make things right, Chase is drawn into a dangerous connection with an enigmatic woman, uncovering secrets that bind him to a place he was just passing through.

As two strangers find themselves coincidentally at a dilapidated gas station, their lives are about to take an unforeseen turn. One of them becomes an unexpected hero by thwarting a robbery. Now faced with a moral dilemma, he must make the right choice. Chase McCabe, a former politician turned lawyer, had left his past behind and was en route to meet his brothers for important family matters. Little did he know that a simple pit stop for gas would thrust him into the midst of a crime in progress. However, as he uncovers the truth behind the young culprit’s actions, he realizes that her circumstances are not as straightforward as they seem. Determined to fix everyone’s problems, Chase embarks on a collision course with an enigmatic woman who holds her own secrets, ultimately entangling him in a perilous relationship that connects him deeply to a place he was merely passing through.


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