Don’t Leave Me


“Amid mystery, Claudia witnesses a crime. Chaos erupts, and she’s wrongly arrested. With Detective Tony and unexpected aid from her brothers, they flee corrupt police. Can Claudia and Tony survive danger and find love amidst the chaos?”

“Caught in a world of mystery and suspense, Claudia becomes an accidental witness to an unspeakable crime. Amidst the shroud of secrecy, an enigmatic stranger becomes her sole hope, his charming fa├žade masking hidden motives. Her four distant brothers are distant shadows, but fate takes a wild turn when gunshots shatter her reality. As chaos engulfs her, Claudia must navigate the unknown assailant’s motives and protect herself from impending peril.

As the authorities descend, confusion reigns, leading to Claudia’s wrongful arrest alongside a homeless woman. Shockingly, Claudia watches as those who should protect and serve betray trust by framing the innocent woman. Handcuffed and confined, she faces threats from the very officers sworn to uphold justice. With Detective Tony Martin by her side, determined to shield her, Claudia’s unexpected rescue by her brothers brings a twist she never saw coming.

In a desperate escape, Claudia and Tony find themselves on the run, pursued by relentless law enforcement. Amid danger, sparks fly between them, defying the chaos that surrounds them. But with danger at every corner and their lives hanging by a thread, can Claudia and Tony’s blossoming connection survive the odds? Will they outrun both the corrupt lawmen and their own feelings? Will Claudia finally find love in the midst of this turmoil?”




eBook, Audiobook


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