Edge of Night


After a passionate night together, Kate Sikes is left wondering why Detective Walker Pruett hasn’t contacted her. But when he’s assigned to investigate a robbery at her workplace, she must protect her heart from falling for him again, even as his presence invades her thoughts and dreams. Convinced he can’t commit, Kate struggles to resist Walker’s charms, fearing he’ll eventually break her heart. Will she be able to keep her emotions in check, or will love lead her back to the edge of night?

Kate hasn’t heard from Detective Walker Pruett since they shared a passionate night together. When he’s assigned to investigate a robbery where she works, she knows she must protect her heart before she falls for him again…

“A quick, steamy read…chock full of romance, suspense, alpha males, and strong women. Aherman, Amazon Reviewer


“This book was hot, hot, hot!! Without fail the characters passion explodes on the page.” Amazon Reviewer 


Kate Sikes has finally met who she believes is Mr. Right, only Detective Walker Pruett isn’t all about flowers and living happily ever after. In fact, after the greatest night of sex Kate’s ever had, she hasn’t seen Walker once.

However, she refuses to pine away for him or call him even though he invades her thoughts and her dreams—that is, until he shows up to investigate a case of robbery at the hotel where she works. Once again, Kate is left to fight Walker’s charms, though she knows he can’t commit and she’s convinced he’ll eventually break her heart.



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