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Kate & Walker: The Complete Collection


Kate Sikes, longing for Mr. Right, attracts dangerous suitors instead. Detective Walker Pruett steps in to protect her, igniting an unexpected connection.

In “One Night,” a deadly blind date forces Kate to flee, with Walker as her protector. Their sizzling chemistry grows, and Walker’s commitment phobia clashes with his urge to keep Kate safe.

“Edge of Night” sees Kate yearning for Walker, who reenters her life while investigating a robbery. Resisting his charm becomes a struggle, as Kate battles her heart’s desires.

“Last Night” takes a turn as Walker proposes to Kate. However, an intruder threatens their joy. With secrets and doubts emerging, their love faces its biggest challenge. Amid chaos, they fight for a future together.

Join Kate and Walker in this series for suspenseful romance.

Kate Sikes is fed up with attracting the wrong guys. But when Detective Walker Pruett steps in to protect her from dangerous suitors, things take an unexpected turn.

In “One Night,” a blind date turns deadly, sending Kate running for her life. Detective Walker becomes her protector, and the chemistry between them sizzles. Walker is drawn to Kate’s irresistible charm and will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

“Edge of Night” finds Kate pining for Walker after their passionate encounter. When he reenters her life to investigate a robbery, she struggles to resist his charms once again. Kate knows he can’t commit, but Walker’s presence keeps tempting her heart.

In “Last Night,” Walker proposes to Kate, solidifying their bond. Yet, an intruder from Walker’s past threatens their happiness. Secrets unravel, doubts emerge, and a mysterious pregnancy claim tests their relationship. As tensions rise and Kate contemplates leaving, Walker fights to mend the shattered trust between them. Their emotional journey is a rollercoaster of twists, proving that love can conquer even the darkest doubts.


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