Out of Time


In the heart-pounding romantic suspense series, OUT OF TIME, John McCabe, a single and unattached man, ventures out for some last-minute Christmas shopping. Little does he anticipate that his trip will lead him to a life-or-death rescue situation. Unlike previous years where John’s gift-giving skills fell short, he is determined to excel this time around. However, fate has other plans for him as he stumbles upon a crowd gathered in downtown Salem. His attention is immediately drawn to a woman perched on the edge of a five-story building, ready to leap into the abyss. Driven by the values instilled in him by his father and uncles, John takes matters into his own hands and bravely ascends the rooftop with one purpose only: persuading the stranger not to take that fatal plunge.

In an unexpected turn of events during the holiday season, our protagonist John McCabe finds himself caught up in a gripping tale of love and danger. As he embarks on his annual last-minute Christmas shopping spree as a single and unattached man, little does he know that this year will be far from ordinary. In OUT OF TIME, part of an enthralling romantic suspense series set against the backdrop of family life, John is notorious for hastily picking up gifts at closing hours and witnessing disappointment unfold upon unwrapping them. However, fate intervenes when he spots a commotion in downtown Salem while en route to a store. A crowd has gathered around a five-story building where an unknown woman teeters on the edge with intentions of ending her own life. Channelling the teachings passed down by his father and uncles, John throws caution to the wind and ventures onto the rooftop with one sole mission: convincing this stranger that there’s still hope worth clinging onto

When single, unattached John McCabe goes out for last-minute Christmas shopping, what he doesn’t expect is to find himself in the middle of a life-or-death rescue.

In OUT OF TIME, John isn’t known for having the perfect gift for everyone at Christmas. He usually hits the malls in the final hours before they close, grabs the last thing on the shelf, and cringes as the gifts are unwrapped. But this year is different. He’s determined to do better.


However, on his way to a store in downtown Salem, he spots a crowd of people and sees a woman on the rooftop of a five-story building, about to jump to her death.


Instead of waiting for help, John does what he knows his father and uncles would do: He goes out on the rooftop after the stranger with the sole intention of talking her down. What he soon learns is how a desperate situation can turn into the worst-case scenario, because this woman believes there is no turning back.


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