Love, loss, and secrets intertwine in this contemporary romance. When Laura leaves Andy, her only love, she carries a hidden truth. Months later, he’s faced with his mistakes and a surprise that could change everything. Determined to win her back, he risks it all in a quest for redemption and a second chance at love.

A tale of love, secrets, and second chances.

In Runaway, Laura leaves the man she loves without a word, taking her son and leaving behind her life with Andy Friessen, a man of wealth and power. Unbeknownst to Andy, Laura carries a hidden secret that could change everything. As he searches for her for months, his realization of his own shortcomings gnaws at him until divorce papers arrive. Andy’s arrogance blindsided him, and he now faces the truth of his actions.

Despite being the love of her life, Andy also broke Laura’s heart. Feeling like a mere pawn in his life, she’s determined to keep her distance and never return. But secrets have a way of catching up, and Laura holds the ultimate surprise in store. When Andy discovers the truth, he’s willing to risk everything to bring her back into his life.

This poignant story unfolds as love, regret, and forgiveness intertwine, offering a chance at redemption and rekindling a love that never truly faded.


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