Shadow Game


Meet the Watchers: Six unlikely people from different backgrounds united by a common goal—to make the world a better place.


One night, Raul receives a call from an old childhood friend who tells him a wild story about human experimentation in a small town deep in the Appalachian Mountains, not far from where they grew up. Raul dismisses it, but a day later, his friend is found dead in a motel room two hundred miles away.


When Raul arrives in the small town his friend described, it appears postcard perfect, as do the residents. However, as he digs into its history, he discovers that the town square is fake, the police chief harbors secrets, everyone seems related in some way, and something nefarious is occurring in the surrounding woodlands.


Then, seemingly coincidentally, Raul meets five others in town who have also noticed something off. As they join forces, they soon learn that something far more sinister is unfolding. And worse, what they uncover hits closer to home for Raul than he could have imagined. Could it be bigger than any of them are equipped to handle?


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