The Bloodline


In “THE BLOODLINE,” Andy Friessen’s rock solid foundation is shattered when tragedy strikes, forcing his return home after his mother’s death. In the aftermath, a bombshell is revealed within her will that threatens to unravel the foundation of his family, propelling him into a web of secrets and lies that could jeopardize everything he holds dear.

In THE BLOODLINE, Andy Friessen has two certainties in life: his unwavering love and protection for his wife, Laura, and their children, as well as the hidden truth locked away in a safety deposit box that could shatter his mother’s world. However, life is never straightforward or easy. In a tragic twist of fate, Andy’s mother passes away and he receives an urgent call from his father beckoning him home, abruptly upending his stable existence. Reluctantly attending the funeral, Andy is once again blindsided by a final act of vengeance from beyond the grave as his mother attempts to sabotage his marriage. Now faced with a treacherous web of secrets and deceit that threaten to dismantle the solid foundation he has painstakingly built for his family, Andy finds himself confronted with an unexpected choice.


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