The Choice


In “The Choice,” Marcie is head over heels for Dan, who manipulates her and makes empty promises. After a memory-loss accident, she crosses paths with the alluring DEA Agent Sam Carre, sparking an intense connection. As Sam helps her unravel the mystery of her involvement, they confront a generations-old evil, and Sam must decide whether to walk away from their attraction or risk everything to protect Marcie from danger. A gripping tale of love, deception, and life-changing decisions awaits in this thrilling romance.

One Woman…

Marcie is crazy in love with Dan who has been using her and promising his love in return. And she’ll do anything for him, which is fast becoming a one way ticket to trouble. But in a freak accident she loses her memory landing in the path of sexy DEA Agent Sam Carre.

Two Men…

For DEA Agent Sam Carre when this attractive stranger lands in his path he just can’t resist helping her, even though he’s haunted by a past that gives him no peace. But as the sparks fly so do questions of what she’s really involved in.

And a choice that could kill her…

This complex case pushes them both to explain the unexplainable bringing them face to face with generations-old evil and a haunting question. Sam’s forced to make a choice: walk away from the attraction connecting them or risk losing everything.


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