The Deadline


“The Deadline”: A gripping tale of protection, love, and unforeseen trials.

In “THE DEADLINE,” Andy relocates his family to Montana to escape danger, only to encounter a new threat. As their stepson falls seriously ill, a race against time ensues to secure a lifesaving transplant. But their pursuit unveils unforeseen challenges that test their strength and unity, pushing them to their limits.

“The Deadline”: A gripping tale of danger, family, and unforeseen challenges.

In “THE DEADLINE,” Andy Friessen takes drastic measures, moving his family to Montana to escape a menacing threat posed by his mother. Yet, as they settle into their new life, a different danger looms on the horizon, catching them off guard.

Amid their attempts to find safety, tragedy strikes when Gabriel, their stepson, falls seriously ill. A devastating diagnosis puts their son’s life on the line, and Andy and Laura must embark on a desperate mission to secure a lifesaving transplant.

However, their quest takes an unexpected turn as Andy’s pursuit of Gabriel’s biological father and Laura’s estranged parents uncovers a host of new challenges. As the clock ticks, they’re thrust into a race against time to not only save their son but also navigate a web of complexities that threaten to overwhelm them.

In this gripping narrative, love, courage, and resilience are put to the test as a family battles against both external threats and internal struggles.



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