The Forgotten Child


Single mother Emily becomes a caregiver for the young son of local ranch owner Brad. When Emily suspects that the boy has autism, she finds a way to get him the help he needs. But once Brad’s estranged wife returns, will Emily lose her new family?

In THE FORGOTTEN CHILD, Brad Friessen had closed his heart to love, believing it wasn’t meant for him again. However, fate had other plans, and an unexpected woman walked into his life, turning his lonely and bitter world upside down. She touched him in a way no one else ever had, awakening feelings he thought were lost forever.

Emily Nelson, a brave and determined young mother, finally breaks free from a loveless and bitter marriage. She seizes an opportunity to work as a cook and live-in caregiver on a local ranch, taking care of a three-year-old boy. Ranch owner Brad hires Emily and her daughter, and their lives become entwined in unexpected ways.

As Emily spends time with the young boy, she notices troubling signs and suspects he may have autism. Now, she must break the news to Brad, offering hope and support to help his son. Their connection grows stronger each day, but challenges arise when Brad’s estranged wife, Crystal, returns, threatening to disrupt their newfound bond.

Crystal’s manipulative tactics and greed put Emily and Brad’s relationship to the test, leaving Brad torn between protecting his child and fighting for his love with Emily. As the stakes get higher, Brad must confront difficult decisions and face the haunting question: Will he lose Emily forever?

THE FORGOTTEN CHILD is a powerful story of love, sacrifice, and the strength of family bonds. Follow the emotional journey of two souls as they navigate through trials and unexpected twists, learning to trust and forgive, all in the pursuit of happiness and a brighter future.


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