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The Friessens Books 12 – 14


Experience the emotional rollercoaster of the Friessen family in this heartwarming box set! Dive into the captivating stories of love, challenges, and lasting connections as the siblings navigate their relationships and lay their hearts on the line. This collection features “In the Stars,” where best friends Evie and Danny’s unbreakable bond is tested by the arrival of the alluring Charlie Adams, and “In the Charm,” where Chris’s encounter with the captivating JD, the sheriff’s daughter, leads to unexpected consequences. Finally, join Brothers Chris and Danny in “Unexpected Consequences” as they navigate the twists of young married life, while facing the trials of law school, secrets, and the undeniable chemistry that binds them together. Discover the power of unexpected surprises that can forever change lives.

Step into the compelling world of the Friessen family with this enchanting box set that delves deep into the intricate threads of love, challenges, and profound connections. In this collection, you’ll be transported through three emotionally charged tales that showcase the resilience and strength of the siblings as they navigate the complexities of their relationships.

“In the Stars” takes you on a journey with Evie and Danny, lifelong best friends who never considered romantic feelings for each other until the magnetic presence of Charlie Adams, the captivating daughter of the town’s banker, comes into their lives. As Danny becomes entangled in Charlie’s charms, Evie’s heart remains silent, carrying a secret she can’t ignore. With the tender familiarity of friendship giving way to the uncharted territory of love, they must navigate their emotions and discover whether the one they’ve always held close is also the one they’ve been searching for.

The next tale, “In the Charm,” introduces us to Chris, whose cross-country motorcycle journey lands him in a quaint South Dakota town. But what starts as a simple stop quickly spirals into unexpected territory as he crosses paths with JD, the sheriff’s alluring daughter. Drawn into her spell and defying the sheriff’s orders, Chris finds himself facing consequences that could reshape his life forever. The spark between them ignites a flame that challenges their notions of fate, destiny, and the choices that define us.

“Unexpected Consequences” offers a glimpse into the intertwined lives of Chris and Danny, two brothers embarking on a journey of young married life. As they navigate their new roles and face the challenges of law school, the demands of work, and the unexpected twists that fate has in store, their relationships are tested in ways they could never anticipate. The unbreakable bond they share becomes both a source of strength and a testament to the power of unconditional love.

Throughout these stories, you’ll witness the complexities of human emotions, the fragility of secrets, and the undeniable force of chemistry that binds individuals together. As Evie and Danny, Chris and JD, and the other characters in this rich tapestry of tales discover, life’s twists and turns often lead to the most unexpected and cherished gifts of all.



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