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The Friessens Books 15 – 18


Embark on a heartwarming journey with the Friessen family in this romantic saga featuring Books 15 – 18. Reunite with Katy and Steven as they give love a second chance in “It Was Always You.” Join Gabriel’s unexpected attraction and challenges in “The First Time I Saw You.” Witness Chelsea’s life change with a bold stranger in “Welcome to My Arms.” Follow Paige’s decision leading to uncharted territories or a remarkable love story in “Welcome to Boston.”

Delve into the heartwarming tales of the Friessen family with this uplifting and romantic saga, spanning Books 15 – 18! As each member grapples with finding love, they discover their greatest strength lies within their family bonds. This box set collection includes:

It Was Always You: Reunited after a tragic separation, Katy and Steven, parents to a son, contemplate a second chance at love that could rewrite their story.

The First Time I Saw You: Gabriel Friessen’s quest for a roommate leads him to a captivating single mother, where challenges and undeniable attraction pave the way for an unexpected love journey.

Welcome to My Arms: Unfairly branded as a troublesome princess, Chelsea Friessen’s life takes a surprising turn when she crosses paths with a confident stranger who transforms their pretense into something genuine.

Welcome to Boston: Paige faces a pivotal decision, torn between fear and hope. Accepting an enigmatic man’s invitation for a cross-country journey could lead to either uncharted territories or an extraordinary love story.

Amidst trials and tribulations, these stories showcase the Friessens’ unwavering support for one another as they navigate the complexities of love and relationships.



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